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The rendering of politics

Installed in February 2019 at Kulturni Centar Grad, Belgrade, Serbia as part of the Belgrade of Light festival.

Dimensions 16 x 4m. Digital print on Blueback paper.

(Photographs Vojislav Gelevski, architectural modelling Ana Lazarevic)

Mark Brogan will produce a photo-wallpaper for the 16 metre wall of the main KC Grad gallery. The image on the wallpaper will present a virtual space, seemingly contiguous with the actual gallery space, modelled with digital 3D architectural tools. The inspiration for the image itself comes from an experience Brogan had last summer when he was asked to make proposals by the curators selecting the public artworks for the planned shopping mall of the Belgrade Waterfront development.

Brogan models into his wallpaper images’optical figures’. These distort, refract and filter the virtual scenes before and in which they stand. They endow the digitally composed scenes in the photo-wallpaper images with a painterly element.



all content © Mark Gerard Brogan